DFG Priority Programme 1840 QUTIF Quantum Dynamics in Tailored Intense Fields

QUTIF International Conference 22-25 February 2021

The QUTIF International Conference 2021 brings together experts from countries worldwide working on
  • atomic, molecular and optical science with strong ultrashort pulses
  • chemical control with tailored fields
  • strong-field dynamics in new media
  • attosecond science.
Registration is open for all interested researchers in these fields. The conference serves also as a platform for presenting the work of the DFG QUTIF Programme to an international audience and for international scientific exchange.
Due to the pandemic, the conference will be held online. Talks and posters will be presented electronically using video conference software. To this end, it is planned to use the systems BigBlueButton and Jitsi, possibly WebEx.

Dates & Schedule

Invited speakers

  • Thomas Brabec (University of Ottawa)
  • Oren Cohen (Technion, Haifa)
  • Paul Corkum (University of Ottawa)
  • Baptiste Fabre (Université de Bordeaux)
  • Carla Faria (UCL)
  • Shambhu Ghimire (Stanford University)
  • Hugo van der Hart (Queen's University Belfast)
  • Igor Litvinyuk (Griffith University, Brisbane)
  • Hongcheng Ni (East China Normal University, Shanghai)
  • Jean-Michel Raimond (Physical Review X and Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris)
  • Paris Tzallas (FORTH, Crete)
  • Thomas Weinacht (Stony Brook University)


  • Please send your contribution to the poster session by email to Florian Oppermann. Instead of conventional posters, we’d like to ask you for two pages/slides in landscape format (16:9) in one pdf file. These will be displayed in the poster gallery and you can share your screen in the video conference system during the poster session.
  • The content of the password-protected area of this website (e.g. posters, list of participants and presentation slides if you decide to share them) will be available to all participants of this and other (past and future) QUTIF conferences.
  • Abstracts of talks will be displayed together with the conference schedule on the publicly accessible part of the conference page.

Conference Secretary

Cornelia Greese, Cornelia.Greese@itp.uni-hannover.de

Registration (deadline passed!)

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